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Public Equity Investment Intern, Summer 2024

Viking Global Investors

Viking Global Investors

New York, NY, USA
Posted on Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Viking Global Investors LP is a global investment firm founded in 1999. We manage more than $41 billion of capital for our investors across long/short, long-only, and liquid/illiquid strategies. We have approximately 275 employees and offices in Stamford, New York, Hong Kong, London, and San Francisco.


Join our 34-person public equity investment team this summer to develop your investing toolkit and explore actionable investment ideas. Throughout your 10-week experience, you will partner directly with portfolio managers and senior analysts to identify and evaluate public equity investment opportunities leveraging our fundamental, research-intensive approach. You will be trained and mentored by experienced investors at Viking to ensure your success. The internship will culminate with an investment presentation to members of the investment team.


  • Performing primary, in-depth research on industry and company fundamentals by analyzing financial statements and real-time data, conducting channel checks and surveys, and carrying out other comprehensive due diligence activities
  • Engaging with company management and investor relations teams, sell-side research analysts and buy-side peers
  • Attending industry conferences and events
  • Building and updating financial models
  • Distilling a large volume of research down to a set of key drivers of industry, company, and stock price performance to form a view on a company and its value
  • Contributing to Viking’s overall research effort by sharing information and insights with the investment team


Across the firm, we attract motivated, intellectually curious, and analytically rigorous people who are passionate about learning and creating impact.

The ideal candidate will possess the following traits:

  • Independence of thought: we strive to be unbiased and develop objective, data-centric theses to drive investment decisions.
  • Strong quantitative and analytical abilities: has the intellectual toolkit to support investment theses with highly differentiated research.
  • Efficient communication: our research efforts are extensive, but our ideas are communicated clearly and simply.
  • Autonomous and self-starting: we are a team of high-performing, motivated investment professionals; we are proactive and direct our own work.
  • Intellectual honesty: we value the ability to see the truth, even amidst confusion and conflict. We strive to recognize the current, correct investment decision rather than simply continuing to advocate for prior recommendations.
  • Passion for research and investing: our team is engaged and excited to pursue differentiated research, supported by the firm’s significant resources.


Please submit your resume and supplement through the Viking career site. Please remember to indicate your school name on the application page.

  • At this time, we are only accepting applications from first-year MBA candidates.
  • The internship is currently based in New York.
  • We look for analytical individuals who are intellectually curious and interested in how companies operate. At Viking, successful investment professionals are those who have unique views into a business. In addition to your resume, a supplement to the application is required (you can attach this supplement as a cover letter when submitting your application):

In 1-2 pages, describe a unique insight you have about an industry trend or investment theme. Select a topic where you believe that your view will materialize within a five-year horizon, emphasizing those elements that you consider most misunderstood or underappreciated today. The following are examples of topics, but you should feel free to write on any theme or trend you find interesting.

  • Which of these businesses has the best business model (and why)? An airplane manufacturer (e.g., Boeing), an airplane lessor (company that owns airplanes and leases them to airlines), an airline (e.g., Delta), or an online travel agency (e.g., Expedia).
  • Of the following companies, pick one and explain why its market cap will be higher or lower in five years than it is today. Disney, Airbnb, Tesla.
  • Which of the following consumer companies will have the highest market value over time (and why)? Which will have the lowest? On Holding, Williams-Sonoma, Wayfair, Skechers, Bath & Body Works.
  • Which company would you like to own for 30 years? Explain why. Select a company that most people would be familiar with.

Please note our application deadline is December 1, 2023.

The base salary range for this position in New York City is $250,000 to $250,000. In addition to base salary, Viking employees may be eligible for other forms of compensation and benefits, such as a discretionary bonus,100% coverage of medical and dental premiums, and paid lunches. Actual compensation for successful candidates will be individually determined based on multiple factors including, but not limited to, a candidate’s skill set, experience, education, and other qualifications. For more information on our benefits, please visit www.vikingglobal.com/life-at-viking/


Viking Campus Recruiting Team